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Murickens Group

Murickens group, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company introduces two registered brand names MG and FLYLINE which market maintenance free, cost effective and power saving products by promoting solar based home appliances and lights with the help of high quality power generating solar panels. We play a precious role in Kerala real estate field to the extend of the ultimate satisfaction of the public.

About us

Murickens Group An ISO certified company.We started establishing in real-estate, electrical and electronics field during 1990, in the trade name of 'Flyline', 'MG' and 'Murickens'. Through this business Murickens marked our name to the top in this field, with prompt and honest service. again turned to electronic felid.Murickens offers best solar panels in kerala.
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Brand Name

"MG" the short form of Muricken's Group registered as a trade mark of Electronic and electrical products from Muricken's Industry. Following are MG mark electronics goods. MG Mobile mortuary, MG Solar water heater, MG Servo stabilizer, MG Air conditioner, MG Deep freezer and MG Water cooler In real estate field we are known Muricken's real estate and in electronic field
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A solar panel is a device that converts solar energy in to electric energy. This is a series parallel connected assembly of voltaic cell and generates DC out put. This DC out put is connected to inverter and produces AC output. Its wattage rating is range from 3 W to 250W. The efficiency of the panel is very important to determine the number of panels for required voltage and current. Our power generating module is German made with the International product quality certificate like ISO 9001 certification of BSCIC and JAS-ANZ , IEC 61215 certification by Euro Test and TUV.

Solar panel convert light energy from the sunrays into electricity by the means of photo voltaic effect. Most solar panels are made up by silicon photovoltaic cell. For this crystalline silicon cells or thin film cells based on cadmium telluride or silicon are used. There are many arrays of cells. Each cell is connected together for completing circuit for a specified wattage. Connections are made by silver, copper or non-magnetized conductive materials. D.C. electrical connections are made up by series and parallel to get desired voltage and current. Also diodes are used to protect reverse current due to the cause of shading effect. Glass is used in front of the cell to allow light to pass through it and also protect the unit from the external damage. Solar panels are less efficient at high temperature so good ventilation is required under the panels. Now a days mirrors and lenses are used to improve the efficiency of solar panels. The solar generated DC electricity is simply flowing to inverters by converting to AC and fulfill our domestic power requirements.

There are so much type of solar panels, where the mono crystalline, thin film and polycrystalline are mainly using in the field. Flyline Solar AC power system is a unit containing solar panels, solar electronic inverter and storage batteries. This co-ordination is depending upon the usage of wattage of a customer with the help of field engineers by inspecting the field. 

Murickens group is the no 1 kerala solar companies in india and leading solar panel manufacturer in Kerala.


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Business achievement Award
Renewable energy promotion Award
MATRIKA Malayali Award of the business

1.Flyline Mono crystalline:-

Most mono crystalline are silicon wafer which cut in thin slices from most pure silicon cylinder and micro circuits are fabricated on it single crystal silicon. Advantage of mono crystalline - is most efficient and most dependable way to produce electricity from the sun. Comparing to polycrystalline mono is 20 to 30% more efficient, because each module is made from a single silicon crystal and is more efficient than polycrystalline. The silicon crystal used in single cells must be requires a much higher purity level. Mono-crystalline solar panels are first generation solar technology and have long time durability. It produces more electricity per square meter. In Kerala climate 1000 W Solar panels can create between 4.5 Kwh to 5 Kwh electricity per day.

2. Flyline Polycrystalline cells :-

The cost of production of polycrystalline is less than that of mono-crystalline, is very commonly used. Polycrystalline cells are constructed by the method of molten silicon is poured into a cast instead of being made into a single crystal. This material can be synthesized easily by allowing liquid silicon to cool using a seed crystal of the desired crystal structure. High temperature chemical vapor deposition (CVD), is the other methods for crystallizing amorphous silicon to form poly silicon. In this process, silicon pieces are melted in a ceramic crucible and then formed in a graphite mold to form a block of silicon. As the molten silicon is cooling a seed crystal of the desired crystal structure is created for formation. For this process only less silicon is required and thus manufacturing cost is reduced and that is why the efficiency is poor than Monocrystalline. Polycrystalline panels only have an efficiency of 70% to 80% compared with mono-crystalline solar panel.

3. Flyline Thin film solar panel :-

These are most advanced flexible model solar panels. We can install it in any curved or plane surface where sunlight is available. Thin film solar panel is more efficient comparing Poly and mono crystalline cells but the main drawback is lifetime is only half time than Poly and mono Crystalline cells. 

4. Flyline Mono PERC solar panel :-

Mono PERC "Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact" solar cells - This type of solar cells are used for the production of solar panels. PERC cells are the modified form of conventional cells. PERC solar cells have an additional layer with the back side of the cell. This layer allows some of the sun�s rays to reflect back into the solar cell, gives them an opportunity to be turned into energy. So that , this cells produce huge amount of energy compared to conventional cells. 

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    Flyline Solar Charge controller

    A charge controller is used to power DC equipment with solar panels.
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    Flyline Solar Stand-alone Inverters

    Used in isolated systems where the inverter draws its DC energy..
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    Flyline Off-grid Hybrid Battery Backup Inverters

    Special inverters which are designed to draw energy from a battery
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    Flyline Solar Street Light

    Flyline solar street light uses LED for lighting the street lamps..
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    MG Solar Water Pump

    The pumping system pump out water from the open well, bore well...
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    MG Solar Water Heater

    Two type of water heaters MG registered brand FPC and ETC model
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    Flyline on grid Inverter

    Solar based renewal energy is stepping into a new level with the household
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    Flyline Solar Panel

    A photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel is a combination of packed..
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    Flyline Solar Battery Less PCU

    Murickens, always adopt new technologies for the need of tomorrow.
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    Flyline Solar UPS

    Murickens, always adopt new technologies for the need of tomorrow.
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    Flyline Solar Lanterns

    Flyline brand registered trade name lanterns are very
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    Flyline Solar DC Home Light

    Flyline homelighting system is an ideal choice for electrification .
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    Flyline Inverter

    Flyline Inverter is a fully automatic electronic power generating
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    Flyline Automatic Stabilizer

    It works as a guard for electronic house hold equipments,
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    Flyline Sinewave Inverter

    Muricken's group developed sine wave inverter with the aim of..
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    Flyline Online UPS

    If you suffer from power fluctuation, this is a complete solution..
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    Flyline Offline UPS

    Power failure is most common in our daily life. In these days an .
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    MG Servo Voltage Stabilizer

    MG servo stabilizer is the only solutions high and low voltage control.
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    Flyline 110V Step Down Transformers

    Some of the imported electronic equipments work with only 110V.
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    Flyline Tubular batteries

    Murickens developed a special type flyline storage cells for the power back-up.
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    Step-Up Transformer

    This Transformer is used to boost line low voltage to a normal working ...
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    MG Mobile Mortuary

    MG mobile dead body freezer one of the best market quality product in India
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    MG Deep Freezer

    An electronic equipment described as a "refrigerator" maintains temperature
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    MG Mortuary Chamber

    This Transformer is used to boost line low voltage to a normal working
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    MG Lightning Arrester

    A lightning arrester is a sophisticated device produced by Murickens Group
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